8th International Conference Information Visualisation
International Symposium on Digital Art, and Online Gallery IV04-Dart
14 - 15 - 16 July 2004
SOAS, University of London


International Conference
Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization 
International Symposium on Digital Art and Online 
Gallery IV04-Dart
26 - 27 - 28 -  29 July  2004
Parkroyal Penang Penang Malaysia 

A number of invited speakers and tutorial sessions will review current
state-of-the-art developments and outline future 
directions. This embedded with the
current research being undertaken in industry and 
in academia will provide coverage of

the salient aspects and sub-areas of 
visualisation and graphics. Such work will be
presented in a series of symposia. One of which is the 'DIGITAL ART' symposium.
Authors are invited to send three copies of their 
extended abstract or the full paper
to the chairperson of symposium.

Papers presenting original research with the 
theme of 'DIGITAL ART' are being sought.
Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):
* Art and Visualization of Spatial, Tonal, and 
Temporal Domains: Industry, Academia,
Communication Media
* Oil or Pixel - a Disappearing Distinction. 
Process (including collaborative efforts)
* Interrelationship between disciplines (Computer 
Science, Visual Arts, Dance, etc.)
* Visualization as a Non-linear Visual Story Telling: Interactive, Virtual,
* Programming in Art Challenge and Aesthetic Quality. Print versus Display
* Using Computer to its Fullest Potential for the 
Artistic Product: Selecting Optimal
* IT in Visual Art and Culture, Visual Art for IT Visualization
* Digital Art and Visual Learning: Critical and 
Abstract Thinking, Problem Finding,
Iconic Messages
* Issues in Digital Art: Artistic Quality, Criticism, Perception in the Field,
* Copyright (representation through a detail, watermark, resolution)


IV04 - DIGITAL ART GALLERY Online Exhibition

1 July 2004 - 30 June 2004


Digital Art Gallery provides a further opportunity to present works of art that
represent how new technology stretches the 
boundaries of creativity even further. All
the entries for this section encouraged to be 
submitted with a short paper or at least
a few paragraphs explaining the artwork in not 
more than two A-4 size pages. Those
with technical, artistic emphasis and accompanied 
with the image reproductions may be
published in the proceedings under the Digital 
Art section. The programme committee
will review these entries and it will be presented in a special symposium. The
following themes of display are already envisaged (but not restricted):

Computer Generated Art  Design & Publishing  Digital Photography  Digital
Typography and Calligraphy  Computer Generated 
Models  Cartography  Fractal Models
 Virtual Art  Art in the Internet
2-D and 3-D Digital work will be exhibited 
on-line DART Gallery. Further more, we
encourage artist to submit paper for presentation with their art works.

March 1, 2004 submission date