Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 19:11:38 +0200
From: Celestino Soddu <>
Subject: Deadline of GA2003 - 6th Generative Art Conference, Italy

This email to remember you that the deadline to submit proposals to GA2003,
the 6th International Conference, Exhibition and Performances on Generative
Art and Design (Milan, Italy) is postponed to 28th of September, because of
email problems of these days.

The Call for Paper and the papers of previous conferences are at
- If you intend to present a paper or/and a poster, please send me the
title, a short abstract (max 500 words) and a brief CV (5 rows) within 28th
- If you intend to exhibit your artworks, the exhibition panels can contain,
under glass, a print of 80x100 cm., portrait orientation. It is also
possible to present VHS/DVD videos and installations on PC. Please send me a
low definition image of your artworks with a short presentation and your CV
within the 28th September. You will send the high definition files later and
we will print them in Milan.
- If you intend to do a live performance, send me a short proposal within
28th September.

If any question, don't hesitate to contact me by email.
Looking forward to meeting you in Milan
Thanks for your contribution,
Best regards
Celestino Soddu

Prof. Celestino Soddu, Architect
Director of Generative Design Lab
Coordinator od EC program: Euro-China exchange, technology and culture of
Generative Design Approach.
DiAP, Politecnico di Milano University
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy