The IEEE/IPSJ Symposium on Applications and the Internet

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
                        January 23-27, 2006

        Co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) and the
                Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

In cooperation with  Communications Society (CS) and Information and 
Systems Society (ISS) of The Institute of Electronics, Information 
and Communication Engineers (IEICE).


        Paper Submission: July 1, 2005
        Author Notification: Sep. 9, 2005
        Final Manuscript: Oct. 7, 2005
        Workshop Proposals: June 17, 2005
        Workshop Notification&CFP:July 15, 2005
        Workshop Paper Submission:Sep. 24, 2005
        Workshop Final Manuscript: Nov. 1, 2005
        Panel Proposals: July 1, 2005

THEME : Pervasiveness and Diversity of the Internet

Over the past few years, the Internet has been revolutionizing the 
way we 
communicate by technical advances such as fiber optic networks, 
high-speed IP switching, DSL and CATV broadband accesses, along with 
increasing performance of PCs, mobile terminals, etc. This growth has 
helped to identify the need for the Internet to support a diverse 
of communications and to accommodates a wide variety of information, 
services, people, communities, and cultures. The Internet is also 
becoming to be ubiquitous and pervasive; accessible and usable from 
any device and through any network, including wireless and mobile. 
SAINT focuses on emerging and future Internet applications and their 
enabling technologies. The symposium provides a forum for researchers 
and practitioners from the academic, industrial, public and 
governmental sectors, to share their latest innovations on Internet 
technologies and applications. Areas of particular interest include, 
but are not limited to:

  - Internet Agents: technology, cooperation, mobility.
  - Collaboration Technology: groupware & telepresence,
    P2P, Internet communities.
  - Internet Content Management Systems: XML and
    semi-structured data, information fusion, Web-based
    databases, data mining, metadata.
  - Internet Content Delivery: Web caching, multimedia,
    media asset management, adaptations, QoS.
  - E-business: infrastructure for e-services, brokering,
    negotiation, B2B, Internet workflow, virtual enterprise.
  - Wireless and Mobile Internet: content adaptation,
    e-services, mobile commerce.
  - Standards for Internet Applications: XML, SOAP, UDDI,
    WSDL, WSFL, ebXML, Java, .NET, Sun One, others.
  - GRID Computing: applications, measurement, allocation.
  - Internet Appliances: smart phones, PDAs, sensor networks,
    smart home.
  - Novel Internet Applications: emergency and lifeline
    support, telemedicine, social issues.
  - Internet Security: architecture, detection, performance.
  - Network and Protocol Architecture: IPv6, network
    services, implementation issues.
  - Internet Operation and Performance: measurement,
    IPv6 operation.

Paper Submission:

Paper submission and review will be done electronically. Information 
for prospective authors, including  paper format and instructions can 
be found in the web page.

Workshops and Panels

Full- and half-day workshop and panel proposals related to SAINT2006 
theme are solicited.  Workshop proposals should be submitted directly 
to Workshops Chairs ( & 
The Workshops Call For Papers will be announced accordingly.Panel 
proposals should be submitted directly to Panels Chairs 
( & 


The Proceedings of the Symposium and the Workshops will be published 
by the IEEE Computer Society Press. There are plans to invite several 
authors to provide revised papers for special issues of IEEE-CS or 
IPSJ magazines and journals.

Best Paper Award:

A best paper will be selected and recognized by the Program Committee 
and the  Awards Chairs.


General Chairs:
  Shinji Shimojo, Osaka Univ., Japan
  Joseph Urban, Arizona State Univ., USA
Program Chairs:
  Patrick Bobbie, Southern Poly St  Univ, USA
  Haruo Takemura, Osaka Univ., Japan
Workshops Chairs:
  Vijay Kumar, Univ. of Missouri-KC, USA
  Hiroyuki Morikawa, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Panels Chairs:
  Krzysztof Walczak, Poznan Univ. of Economics, Poland
  Masayoshi Ohashi, KDDI Labs., Japan
Publicity Chairs:
  Ying Jin, Cal St Univ Sacramento, USA
  Shigeru Miyake, Hitachi, Japan
Local Arrangements Chairs:
  Hasan Davulcu, Arizona State University, USA
  Jason Meltzer, meltmedia, USA
Registration Chairs:
  Frank Tsui, Southern Polytechnic St Univ, USA
  Koji Okamura, Kyushu Univ., Japan
Publication Chairs:
  Huan Liu, Arizona State Univ., USA
  Masato Tsuru, Kyushu Institute of Tech., Japan
Industry Liaison Chairs: 
  Ly Sauer, General Dynamics, USA
  Susan Urban, Arizona State University, USA
  Atsuhiro Goto, NTT, Japan
Financial Chairs:
  Chung-Horng Lung, Carleton Univ., Canada
  Kazutoshi Fujikawa, NAIST, Japan
Web Master: 
  Yutaka Nakamura, Kyushu Institute of Tech., Japan
Designated Technical Committee Chair:
  Arun Iyengar, IBM Research, USA
  Reiji Aibara, Hiroshima Univ., Japan
International Liaison Chairs:
  Wojciech Cellary, Poznan Univ. of Economics, Poland
  Yuji Matsumoto, NAIST, Japan
Awards Chairs:
  Nian-Feng Tzeng, Univ of Louisiana-Lafayette, USA
  James Kempf, DoCoMo Comm. Labs., USA
Steering Committee Chair:
  Yuji Oie, Kyushu Institute of Tech., Japan

The full list of PC members will be found at the web.