Call for Participation

marathon art webcast 'Orai' @ ISEA2002.

The Link foundation in Holland is preparing a 3 x 24 h webcast from the
ISEA2002 symposium in Nagoya Japan (October 27-31).

There are 3 components:
1. The webcast itself
2. An interactive art work people can enter and which serves as the


3. Art pieces by different artists and artist groups from all over the

We are looking for:

A. Parties that want to cooperate in the webcast, preferably on location
   in Japan
B. Artists and art collectives that want to contribute with web artwork
   from anywhere in the world
C. Participants to join us interactively during the webcast, from all
   over the world.

You are required to contact us asap if you are interested. We hope to
make this an event both state of the art in artistic content, as multi
disciplinary as possible and as culturally diverse as never seen before
in the electronic art world.