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REVOLUTION98 [part of the ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art]

revolution98 is the exhibition and events programme organised by the FACT
as part of isea98.  ISEA, the annual International Symposium on Electronic
Art is the foremost event of its kind in the world.  isea98, the ninth
symposium, has been organised as a partnership with Liverpool John Moores
University and Manchester Metropolitan University.

revolution98 is the largest and most ambitious programme of electronic arts
projects ever staged in Britain.   It takes place simultaneously in
Liverpool and Manchester and can be found in galleries, theatres, bars,
clubs, trains and on the internet.

The programme explores the effect of the so-called 'technological
revolution' on art, culture and society through the work of artists,
musicians, computer programmers and others and considers what's become of
the idea of 'REVOLUTION' at the end of the century.

All this is explored, questioned and celebrated in more than 100 diverse
projects by artists from 29 different countries.

Here's a summary of participating artists and venues. For a detailed
programme please e-mail isea@fact.co.uk

Artists projects by:    Imanol Atorrasagasti & Yan Dujvendak [Swi]
 		        AudioRom [England]
			Tone Ballone [England/China]
			Luchezar Boyadjiev [Bulgaria]
			John & Paul Butler [Scotland]
			Cornford & Cross [England]
			Gina Czarnecki [Scotland]
			Willie Doherty [Ireland]
			John Fairclough & Maureen Lander [New Zealand]
			Judith Goddard [England]
			Granular Synthesis [Austria]
			Johan Grimonprez [Belgium]
			Lucia Grossberger-Morales [US]
			Nigel Helyer [Australia]
			Perry Hoberman [US]
			Illuminations Television [England]
			Haruo Ishii [Japan]
			Luke Jerram [England]
			Nelia Justo [Australia]
			Le Corps Indice [Canada]
			Kristin Lucas [US]
			Tapio Makela & Susanna Paasonen [Finland]
			Jennifer & Kevin McCoy [US]
			Feng Mengbo [China]
			Adele Myers [England]
			Rita Myers [US]
			Keith Piper [Eng]
			Nedko Solakov [Bul]
			Suzanne Treister [Australia]
			Elizia Volkmann [Eng]
			Andrea Zapp [Ger]
			Yin Xiu Zhen [China]

Other projects:	Black Box, Hope, Mercurial States Roundtable, Rev,
			Revolting, Screenings, Star dot Star, Virtual
			Revolutions, WebJam.

Participating venues & 	LIVERPOOL:      Albert Dock.
sites:				        ARC Centre
					Cafe Internet
					Chavasse Park
					Hope Street Gallery
					Lime Street Station
					Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
					Open Eye Gallery
					Revolution Bar
					Tate Gallery
					Tea Factory
					Unity Theatre

			MANCHESTER:	Castlefield Gallery
					Chinese Arts Centre
					DADI Building
					Green Room
					Holden Gallery
					Piccadilly Rail Station

A free full colour 28 page programme featuring exhibitions and events will
be available mid-July.  To make sure that you receive one please e-mail:
isea@fact.co.uk and we'll forward you a copy.


The ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art opens in Liverpool on
September 2nd.
Hosted for the first time in the UK, the annual ISEA symposium is acclaimed
for its ability to bring together the international cutting edge of opinion
and opinion-makers concerned with the cultural use of  Information
Technology. Liverpool Art School and the Liverpool Institute for Performing
Arts host the Revolution Symposium.  Together they are forum and laboratory
in which to identify, assert and critique the notions and metaphors of
Revolution - a word that describes both cyclic repetition  and  violent
severence.  Liverpool has assembled an outstanding global group of artists,
academics, inventors and commentators ranging from 1960s electronic
pioneers through to young, unsung iconoclasts impatient of everything.
Together they will challenge and engage with a programme of presentations
integrating papers, dialogues / debates, artist and technologists'
workshops, exchanges and performances.  For constantly up-dated information
check http://www.isea98.org and

Presentations include:

Paul Brown
Editor of Fine Art Forum, Australia, on The Art Mainstream as the Enemy

Tim Cole
Managing Director & Co-founder of SSEYO Ltd., on Generative Music for Sound

Nina Czegledy
Media Artist / curator, on Digitized Bodies - Visual Spectacles

Max Eastley
Artist, on Natural Systems

Coco Fusco
Interdisciplinary artist / curator / writer, on Latinas in the Global
Information Network

Kathy Rae Huffman
Media Artist, on Females Online

Margaret Morse
Theorist / critic / teacher, on the Body of Collective Intelligence

Timur Novikov
Artist / curator / founder of the New Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, on

Andre Plante
& Inoue Seiko
Researchers, on Emotions and Cultural Diversity

Niranjan Rajah
Artist / theorist, on Installation Art at the End of Geography

Sound artist, on the Pleasures of Surveillance

Sonia Sheridan
Researcher / writer, on Generative Systems and Generative Art

Hikmet Tabak
Kurdish Director of MED TV, on Virtual Identities of the Dispossessed

David Toop
Musician / writer / music curator, on Ocean of Sound and Exot

Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Art School, 68 Hope Street,
Liverpool L1 9EB
T +44 (0)151 709 3420
F +44 (0)151 231 5096
E-mail: isea98@livjm.ac.uk

Registration and fees:

ISEA98 six day programme:  Revolution Symposium at Liverpool September 02-04
			Terror Symposium at Manchester September 05-07
			Cost:  £315
Benefits include: Prioritised access to all symposia presentations and
events including electronic music performances * full one year membership
of the Inter-Society for Electronic Arts * exclusive Delegates pack
including limited-edition catalogue and programme publications * VIP
invitations to gallery and exhibition receptions * civic welcomes and
night-club parties * luxury coach transfer from Liverpool to Manchester *
webcast and email cyberport.
Concession cost: £284. For symposium speakers, full-time students and
existing ISEA members.

ISEA98 three day programme: Liverpool Revolution Symposium September 02-04*
			Cost: £175
Benefits include: Prioritised access to all Revolution presentations and
events including electronic music performances * exclusive Delegates pack
including limited-edition catalogue and programme publications * VIP
invitations to gallery and exhibition receptions * Cream night-club party *
luxury coach shuttle service between hotel and conference sites.* webcast
and email cyberport.

ISEA98 day programme:  Liverpool Revolution Symposium September 03 or 04*
				Cost: £85
Benefits include: all benefits of three day programme on one selected date.

please contact
ISEA98 Registration, 2 Maryland Street, Liverpool L1 9DE, UK
T +44 (0)151 231 3585
F +44 (0)151 709 5057
E-mail d.glinister@livjm.ac.uk

*All fees are inclusive of VAT @ 17.5%


ISEAHQ has new addresses !

Please update your address books:

-  isea@isea.qc.ca

-  http://www.isea.qc.ca


LEONARDO, the leading journal for anyone interested in the application of
contemporary science and technology to the arts, is now available to
members of Inter-Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA) at a special discount
price of $57.60 This is 20% off the journal's regular rate and includes the
companion annual journal, LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL.

Founded in 1967, LEONARDO provides an international channel of
communication between artists and others who use science and technologies
in their creations. The journal covers media, music, kinetic art,
performance art, language, environmental and conceptual art, computers and
artificial intelligence, and legal, economics, and political aspects of art
as these areas relate to the arts, tools and ideas of contemporary science
and technology. LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL (including compact disc), features
the latest in music, multimedia art, sound science and technology.


Hello, my name is Scott Meadows and I'm a Masters of Visualization
Sciences student at Texas A&M.  I am posting this message in order to make
contact with anyone interested in working on a multi-media/art project
together.  I'm currently in my second year and am trying to develop a
thesis topic which might involve interaction with others via
the internet. My ideas are in their infant stage so this description might
seem rather vague. I'm interested in the experiential qualities of
architecture and studying how these qualities can be expressed using the
computer.  If any of this information sparks your interest or you know of
some good resources for this type of study please let me know.  Thank you
for your time.


Scott Meadows

The Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague is opening a Laboratory for
New Media Art on its premises -  in the historical center of Prague. The
laboratory has been equipped in cooperation with the Czech branch of the
Silicon Graphics. The Laboratory is going to be open for Czech artists who
are going to make use of it to produce art projects to be presented at
local and international exhibitions. It is important to say that young
Czech artist have not had an equal opportunity so far: this laboratory
should therefore enable them to carry on their work when they leave the
The NEW MEDIA ART has played an important role in the SCCA-Prague overview
of a development of contemporary art, as it is a rear branch of human
activity in which free imagination of artists is a natural  part of general
development. The SCCA-Prague prepared the first  extensive exhibition of
new media art, entitled Orbis Fictus, in the Czech Republic in December
1995. The establishment of the Laboratory on the premises of the
SCCA-Prague is the second step that naturally  follows the former
activities of the SCCA-Prague in the field of new media art. The activity
of the SCCA is conducted in close cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts
in Prague, National Gallery in Prague and the Goethe Institute.

Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague, Ujezd 40, Prague 1 - 118 00
Telephone number: +420-2-57 00 74 05, fax number: +420-2-55 14 88

Information Design, Department of Art, Center for the Arts, University at

Position type: Visiting Assistant or Visiting Associate Professor for one
year with possible renewal for an additional year.
Starting date: Fall 1998

Primary teaching responsibilities: Teach graduate/undergraduate courses
each semester in information design, and advanced interactive computer art.
Teach graduate and undergraduate students in independent study courses, and
supervise graduate thesis projects. Students in these courses  major in one
of these programs: Computer Art with a focus in interactive art,
Communication Design with a focus in information design and Media Study
focusing in digital multimedia.

Non-teaching responsibilities: Participate in the development of  a new,
cross-disciplinary, graduate program in information design.
Salary: Negotiable.
Required: Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts or Master of Science degree
in information design or related areas, or equivalent professional
experience. Familiarity with Internet communications and the following
operating systems:
Macintosh, Windows 95, NT.  Knowledge of appropriate hardware and software.

Highly desirable: Professional activity and visibility as a researcher in
information design and/or as an information designer. Knowledge of
electronic imaging history, information and communication theory.
Experience with computer aided visualization particularly in the area of
information design, interactive multimedia and 3-D modeling and animation.
Previous college level teaching experience. Flexibility and interest in
interdisciplinary teaching.

Application deadline: June 19, 1998, but search will remain open until
position is filled.  Send samples of your work and student work along with
brief descriptions.  Work samples may be in the form of slides, VHS video
tapes, Macintosh formatted Zip disks or CD-ROM.  Send these along with a
formal letter of application, resume and recommendation letters from three
recent references to:

Anthony Rozak, Chair, Search Committee for Information Design
Department of Art
202 Center for the Arts
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, New York  14260-6010
Email: rozart@aol.com

The University at Buffalo is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
Qualified individuals with a disability may request a needed reasonable
accommodation to participate in the application process. No person, in
whatever relationship with the State University of New York at Buffalo,
shall be subject to discrimination on the basis of age, creed, color,
disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or
marital or veteran status.

The Center for Computer Arts which acts within the framework of the  Soros
Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia  will feature in the
program of the Skopje Electronic Arts Fair '98


V.R., WWW, Net-Linked, and CD-ROM Art Exhibition
Venue: Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
October 02 - 09, 1998 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

An international call for V.R., WWW, Net-Linked, and CD ROM Art projects.
The exhibition Communing addresses the theme of the visions of the artists
including the processes of Imagining, Meditation, Dreaming, Reflection and
Visualization, during the process of art creation.  The exhibition will
feature the result of the Communing i.e. the digital language of different
international artists that express themselves in V.R., the WWW, Net
-Linked Installations, and CD-ROM. The exhibition is conceived as an
encounter of artists, technologies and visionaries. Communing is especially
interested in original innovative projects.  The exhibition welcomes all
projects using information technology and different multi-media
applications, hypertext, vrml.  The selected international projects will be
presented in the Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art,  accompanied with a
lectures of the invited artists, and a workshop directed at qualifying the
local artists and audience for complex media projects.  The submitted
projects will pass through a juried election process.  The authors of the
projects retain all of the copyrights.

For the V.R. projects
- title of project
- abstract
- technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae

For the web projects the proposals should contain:
- title of project
- abstract
- URL addresses of projects (or CDs)
- technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae

* The selected artists will be contacted and will be provided with the
guidelines and an FTP address where the projects can be uploaded. When
sending the projects please send description of any additional changes that
have to be done locally.

For the Net-Linked Installations the proposals should contain:
- title of project
- abstract
- URL addresses of projects (if already existing)
- detailed technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae

For the CD ROM projects the proposals should contain:
- title of project
- abstract
- technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae
- video tape
- the actual CD ROM
(If CD - ROMs have already been sent for the project Interactive
Narration they do not have to be re-sent).

Deadline for submission: July 15, 1998

Notification of acceptance: July 25, 1998

International Web Art and CD ROM Art exhibition Venue: Skopje Museum of
Contemporary Art  Date of exhibition: 02.- 09.October 1998

Submit  proposals for the event to:
Melentie Pandilovski, Curator of SEAFair '98
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia
Orce Nikolov 109, 91000 Skopje
tel/fax:	389.91.133.541

in Tallinn

November 19-21 1998

The French-Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media Festival is an annual
international electronic arts event taking place in the Baltics. The 1998
festival will be hosted by the E-Media Centre of the Estonian Academy of
Arts in Tallinn, Estonia.


We invite submissions from artists in the following categories:

- video art and experimental film
- cd-roms
- net.video, net.audio, net.art

intends to have a parallel exhibition of videotapes, installations and
digital electronic media consisting of the following two parts:


Video, experimental film and other electronic art forms

1. Videos from Baltics. Selections from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.Works 
   of recent years.
2. French video selection. Selected works of french artists and invited artist
   from France with presenting his/her special program.
3. Videos from Nordic countries.
4. International selection. Collections or presentations from other countries.


net.video, video in the internet, online video, digital cinema  and other
online forms of moving sound and images. This part is mostly centered on
video, but not excluded are animations, hypermedia, games and other online
forms of visual or audio art: net.art, net.audio. Accepted are all
applications that works by help of Quicktime, Shockwave plug-ins etc.

Curator of II part: Tiia JOHANNSON, e-mail: xtiiax@hotmail.com


Entry deadline: September 1st, 1998

1. Please submit works that have been made after January 1st, 1997.
2. All entries with dialogs and texts must be subtitled in English.
3. If $10 cash is not enclosed, VHS-tapes will remain in the videotheque of
   the E-Media Center of the Estonian Academy of Arts for use in educational 
   as well as in cultural and non-commercial events.
4. Postage costs for submitted materials are the responsibility of the entrants.
5. Festival accept entries in categories of video and internet-video (net.video). 
   In case the participant does not have server-space for online-videos, we can 
   provide up to 5MB per artist in the server of the Estonian Academy of Art.
   (For additional instructions please contact.)
6. Each entrant may submit up to 3 works.


The Festival will take place November 19, 20, 21, 1998 at the Estonian
Academy of Arts and other exhibition venues in Tallinn. Naturally, if works
are online and remain in servers outside Estonia, then the question of
place is not relevant.


We request
 (1) that you copy the form into a text editor or
 (2) print from browser and fill in typewritten or in block-writing.
 (3) For net.video and other online works it is enough to send entries by


Director, Author:
Year of production:
Running time:
Country of production:
Photography, Programming, Animation:
Music, Sound:

Brief synopsis:

Author's personal data:

Artists name:
Postal Code:

Technical Data:

_ Color _B&W _Both
_Silent _Stereo _Mono

Format submitted:

_Betacam SP _VHS
CD-ROM, MO platform: _PC _Mac

We accept videos only on PAL-system tapes.

Internet (net.video):

URL: http://

Please enclose:

- photos or slides from the work FOR PUBLICITY & CATALOGUE PURPOSES
- CV of the author

Additional Notes:

I agree
- that excerpts from my works could be included in TV reports
yes         no
- that my entry (or documentation) may be made accessible via network
yes         no

Date, Signature


Please send your entry to:

TARTU STR. 1. EE0001,
PHONE: (372) 6 267 336
FAX: (372) 6 267 350
E-MAIL: offline@online.ee (no attachments)
URL: http://www.artun.ee/festival/

Festival is organized by the French Cultural Center in Tallinn, the
Estonian Academy of Arts, supported by the Soros Center For Contemporary
Arts, Estonia and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Great opportunity to publish your digital works

MAC ART & DESIGN, a digital design magazine are calling for digital art
work to be selected for their OPEN ART GALLERY. This section is open for
everyone creating digital art and design work.

MAC ART & DESIGN have an archives that they continuously update with new
and exciting art and they are committed to find ways to publish as much as

They accept all styles: Illustrations, fine art pieces, graphic design
elements, logo types symbols and typeface applications, 3D renderings,
multimedia solutions and web design.

They accept 300 dpi Photoshop tiff files, Illustrator EPS files, CD ROM -
Jazz - Zip - Mo 128, SyQuest 200 and DAT tape submissions.

For further information please contact:

Anders F. Roennblom,
Editor in Chief, Art Director
MAC ART & DESIGN HQ located in Sweden
email address:  macartdesign@matchbox.se

Claude Szwimer, Advisor
located in Paris, France
email address: 106264.3400@compuserve.com

The magazine is currently published in Sweden, the USA, Canada and Great
Britain. For a preview of the magazine, please check out their web site:

Special Issue of VR Researches in  Korea

Call for Papers

The International Journal of  Virtual Reality is a multimedia publication
dedicated to the cooperative  development and application of diverse
technologies associated with  virtual reality. It is designed to
disseminate relevant new information to professionals in all
aspects of the field using the latest in publishing  technology. Each issue
consists of a printed paper edition and  accompanying CD-ROM edition, the
latter accessed via all common platforms.  The CD-ROM not only contains a
complete electronic edition of the printed  portion with hypertext and
string search, but also graphics, animations, color photographs, sound and
movie clips, and useful computer  software that authors submit to enhance
their articles and demonstrate their  results. This issue is prepared for
the researches of VR in  Korea. Korean experts, who are the special
committee member for this issue,  review the submitted papers. The selected
papers are submitted to the IJVR  for final verification.   SCOPE OF TOPICS
IJVR offers a high quality  technical journal, with papers reviewed by
content editor. Papers are  solicited on all technical aspects of virtual
reality and related technologies  including the following topics.
Input/Output Devices Time  Critical Rendering
HCI & Haptic Device
Networked Virtual  Environment
Animation & Simulation
Image-based  Rendering
Augmented Reality
Internet-based VR
3D  Interactive Techniques
Collision Detection
Environment  Design
VR S/W & Applications
Games and  Environment
Papers must be sent by e-mail or  five copies of printed form in A4 size.
There is not the limit of paper's  length. But, full papers are recommended
no more than 5000 words except  figures and tables. All papers must have a
cover letter  containing the name and address of the contact author, along
with e-mail  address, office phone and FAX number.
Please send submissions  to:
ChanJong Park (Content Editor of IJVR)
VR Lab., Human Computer Interface  Dept.
P.O. Box 1 Yusung-ku Teajun  305-333
Republic of KOREA
E-mail: cjpark@seri.re.kr
WWW: http://vr3.seri.re.kr/ijvr.html
Full Paper:
August 15,  1998
Notice of Acceptance: October 1, 1998
Camera Ready Copy:  November 1, 1998
Graphics, Animations, Color Photographs, Sound  and Movie Clips. The
selected paper could be submitted with the more detail  visual results for
CD-ROM edition. The visual results are submitted after  acceptance notice.
Special Committee Members
The Special Committee of this issue is consisted  of 4 or 5 VR experts in
KOREA basing on the submitted papers. The committee  members review the
paper in the point of technical originality and  contribution. The
important task of the committee is the grading of submitted  papers.
Online Information of IJVR    WWW: http://www.ijvr.com

Creativity and Consumption
New Media Arts in Advanced Technology Culture

International conference
29-31 March 1999
to be held at the  University of Luton, UK

Submission deadline: 30 September 1998
E-mail: CREATIVITY@luton.ac.uk

Creativity and Consumption will explore theoretical issues around the
'content' and 'use' of digital technology in order to promote a critical
understanding of new media products and the context in which they

We require both PAPERS and PANELISTS and there will be an EXHIBITION.

In particular we are looking for research papers that relate to the
following themes:

o	computers and creativity
o	the human-machine interface
o	dead media and science fiction
o	'interactivity' and cultural practices
o	the aesthetics and politics of new media practices
o	implications of the 'new media age' for cultural institutions
o	distribution, exhibition and the audience
o	preservation and access
o	copyright, ownership and economic models

Papers addressing others aspects of artistic and cultural practices and
products would also be welcome.

Please submit a 500 word abstract, together with author name, address, tel
and fax numbers and email address, by 30 September 1998

A selection of the papers presented will be published in Convergence: The
Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, published quarterly  by
John Libbey Media at the University of Luton Press.

We are also calling for proposals for specific panel discussions that  aim
to promote debate and offer a forum for discussion around the  conference
themes.  The proposer should supply a list of panel  participants, together
with an outline of each participant's  contribution and the aim of the
discussion (the full proposal to be  approx 500 words in total).

Please submit the 500 word proposal, together with author name, address,
tel and fax numbers and email address, by 30 September 1998

There will be a concurrent exhibition of new media artworks located in  key
venues around Luton town centre.  Subject to funding this will  feature two
new works : Simon Biggs' The Great Wall of China, as a  multi-screen,
multi-user gallery installation and Black Box, a  compilation installation
produced by the Film & Video Umbrella.  Both  works will be exhibited at
Luton's new lottery-funded arts centre,  artezium.

Sponsored by JVC, Eastern Arts Board, Centre for the Book at the Library
of Congress.


BN1 and Lighthouse, in association with South East Arts are commissioning
four new digital media installations that will be located in a number of
venues along the English South East coast; Hastings Museum and Arts
Gallery, The Towner Gallery (Eastbourne), Fabrica (Brighton) and The Otter
Gallery (Chichester Institute of Higher Education).

These four new commissions will combine with a fifth existing commission
with the De La Warr Pavilion (Bexhill) to become the 'EVENT COAST' project
and will take place during a six month period in 1999.

The budget for each project will be seventeen thousand and five hundred
pounds (£17,500) which includes a four thousand pound (£4000) fee.


EVENT COAST, Lighthouse, Brighton Media Centre, 9-12 Middle Street,
Brighton BN1 1AL

PO BOX 2859

London Electronic Arts


London Electronic Arts is pleased to announce the second Pandaemonium
Festival, to take place at the new Lux Centre between October 16-23, 1998
(single screen), October 16 - November 28 (Installations).  Pandaemonium is
London's festival of the moving image, showcasing the best new film, video
and new media art.


London Electronic Arts
LUX Centre
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU
Tel: 44(0)171 684 0101
Fax: 44(0)171 684 1111
Web: www.lea.org.uk
mail: lea@easynet.co.uk

International Festival of the Image that will be held in Manizales.
Colombia from October 6th to 10th 1998.


Videography, Digital Image and Web Design


Videography includes the totality of video-supported works. These works
must stand out for their concept contents and their graphic image, whether
they have artistic, promotional or divulgative purposes. SUBJECT: Free in
the following categories: Fiction, Documentary, Video-Art and


Documents designed for commercial or communicational purposes or
interactive artistic images. SUBJECT: Free
FORMAT: Cd-Rom, Magnet Optical Disk or Three and a Half Inches Format.


Design documents with commercial, communicational or artistic tendencies.
The URL number should be enclosed.


All works, colombian or foreign, that meet the requirements for the
correspondent category. Each participant can enter one work only.


The Jury of each category will be conformed by two Foreign members and one
Colombian member, coordinated by the Visual Design Department of the Caldas
University. Appeal against the decisions of the Jury will not be allowed.

A prize of US$ 2.000 will be awarded in each category (Videography, CD-ROM
and Web documents). Besides these prizes the jury could bestow special
distinctions, except the area of videography in which three special
distinctions will be awarded to the finalists in each division (Fiction,
Documentary, Video-Art and Animated-Video).


The selected works will be shown during the International Festival of the
Image and prizes will be bestowed on  October 10th 1998 at 8 p.m in


The works will be returned from November 15th 1988. The works not picked up
during this period will become property of the organizing entity. Note: To
provide for mailing expenses please include with your work US $ equivalent
to cover the cost of returning participant works to the original mailing

General Conditions

Participation in this Contest implies the acceptance of the conditions. The
Visual Design Department has the right to copy the submitted works for
being included in its IMAGOTECA (Image Library) and for being used for
academic, not commercial, purposes. Any aspects not considered in this
regulation will be handled exclusively by the organizers.


Deadline for reception of works August 10th, 1998.
Artistic Director
Carrera 21 No. 30-03 Oficina 610
Tel: (57 68) 842066
Fax: (57 68) 844526
Manizales, Colombia
e-mail: proyecta@col2.telecom.com.co

Technical Card

1- Title:

2. Categories:
	 Formation Document
	 Live Show
	 Communication Document
	 Artistic Video

3. Spanish or English summary

	VHS	       	SUPER VHS

Film	16 mm		35mm

CD-Rom		Betacam Sp
WEB		U matic

5. Short Participant's Curriculum

6. Has this product been commercialized?	  Y	 N

7. Has this product a contract for commercial purposes?	Y	 N

8. Has this product legal copyright restrictions ?
		  Non - commercial


National Identity v. National Enmity
[The case of the successor states of former Yugoslavia]

Island of Korcula (Croatia)
22-25 September 1998

Advance notice and call for papers

As a part of the EU-sponsored project Confidence Building in Former
Yugoslavia: Reconciliation through direct communication and interaction, a
forum is being initiated at which the issue of nationalism can be freely
and openly discussed.  The complex ingredients which purport to identify
differences between the peoples in terms of their national 'uniqueness' are
amongst the most important aspects of the political and social dynamics
within the successor states of former Yugoslavia.  Examination of the
complex relationships which form a raison d'etre and motivation for the
processes of self-determination, coupled with major socio-political changes
in recent years, presents cross-cultural challenges.

The acute problematics of the successor states of Yugoslavia in recent
history have made it almost imperative that the first Korcula Summer
School/Conference concentrates on national identity versus national enmity.
The Conference proposes to examine closely the various strands that define
the phenomenon understood in colloquial and academic parlance as
'nationalism', taking both a theoretical and empirical approach in
addressing the issue.

In its most heightened state, the nature of nationalism is to emphasise,
and at times exaggerate, the differences between peoples and to construe
such attributes to different groups within society, in an attempt to secure
an advantage for the dominant group.  The popular acceptance of the 'tools'
of nationalism can provide ready answers for a number of political and
social problems at a historical juncture in which change and turmoil are
The event will be multi-disciplinary in approach, and submissions are
therefore invited from historians, sociologists, psychologists,
anthropologists, political scientists, lawyers, philosophers, economists,
writers, politicians and others concerned with the issue and the region.
Although the emphasis will be on issues pertaining to the successor states
of former Yugoslavia, a comparative approach is also welcome.

The Summer School/Conference will take place from 22-25 September 1998,
when the main working sessions are to be held.  Workshops will run
throughout the week (21-28 September), taking the form of less formal
gatherings, with contributions and suggestions invited by individual
participants. Short abstracts of proposed papers should be submitted, as
well as topics for the workshops.

N.B.  A selection of papers delivered will be published both in English and
the local languages, and will provide the basis for further discussion and
research in the region. Contributions of work not previously published will
be given preference in selection.
There is a limited budget which will provide for some of the costs of the
main contributors.  Wherever possible, however, contributors (especially
from outside the successor states of former Yugoslavia) are encouraged to
seek financial support from their home or other institutions.

£196, inclusive of registration fee conference kit, and seven days'
accommodation [21-28 September] with full board in an A-category hotel.
Additional accommodation will be available on request, at extra charge.

Further details from the SEERU web site (http://www.gla.ac.uk/Inter/SEERU).
Due to the limited number of available places, potential contributors and
participants are advised to book as early as possible.  All payments are to
be made to the University of Glasgow, and sent to the South East European
Research Unit (SEERU), The Adam Smith Building, 40 Bute Gardens, Glasgow
G12 8RT, Scotland.

For more information contact SEERU:
Telephone (+44) 141 330 6445/3941; telefax (+44) 141 330 4438;  Email:


NOW ninety8 is Nottingham's festival of contemporary arts which features
the very best of innovative arts, music, theatre and technology work.

NOWfm is a new venue-in-the-air to be launched as part of the NOW ninety8
festival in Nottingham this Autumn. NOWfm is a very special kind of venue,
broadcasting new and experimental works for radio. The station will run
from 26 - 31 October 1998.

NOWfm is offering a number of commissions to artists making text sound and
music based work.

For further NOWfm information and submission guidelines, call Kirstie
McKenzie on +44 (0) 115 9153553 or fax  +44 (0) 115 9153599



Moondance:Celebrating Creative Women

Moondance:Celebrating Creative Women (http://www.moondance.org) is
currently seeking quality submissions for the Fiction, Art, Inspirations,
Poetry and Short Subjects (known as Song and Story) departments.  Below are
the guidelines, themes and deadlines, if you are interested in submitting a
piece to Moondance.

Moondance an ezine of visual arts and literary creations, is intended to
represent the diversity and uniqueness of all creative women.  Submissions
should reflect the interests of our international readers, who are actively
seeking information which will assist in improving the quality of their
lives -- intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  Features include
Non-fiction, Inspirations, Columns, Opinions, Poetry, Short Subjects and an
impressive array of links.

All submissions of both written and artistic material must cover a topic or
theme that is relevant and sensitive to issues concerning women. However,
female authorship is not a prerequisite.  Please note that, while all
issues do have a theme, topics are not required to be limited to that
subject. Variety is welcomed.

Fiction and Non-fiction submissions under 1 000 words should be referred to
our Short Subjects department, known as Song and Story.  Of special
interest are reviews; personality profiles, and articles about history,
world news, humour and other topics of interest.
Longer submissions for Non-fiction and Fiction should be addressed to the
appropriate department.

Opinions and Columns are encouraged to be 1 000 words or less. Opinions
must conform to the theme of the issue.  The Columns section is designed
for subjects of ongoing interest.

Poetry can be any form or style and on any subject--adherence to the
Issue's theme is appreciated but not necessary.  Poetry can be any length
but usually that which is under 50 lines will have a better chance of being
chosen. Submissions to poetry must be sent one poem per message. Up to five
poems may be submitted.  Erotica is not appropriate for Moondance.

Inspirations pieces would include motivational, spiritual, religious and
philosophic pieces which women of all beliefs would enjoy.

Visual artists and musicians should send a short introduction describing your
work and a website URL, if available.  Submissions for cover art must be
digitally produced and contain a moon, among other elements, plus the name

We look forward to working with you on any submissions you may choose to offer.
Books, CDs, videos and other creative publications intended for review
should be sent to:
				P.O. Box 92-3713
				Sylmar, CA, USA
Please include any promotional materials.
All other submissions should be sent via e-mail to: submissions@moondance.org
with the appropriate Section in the subject line. (i.e., "Poetry")

Themes for Fall and Winter 1998:

September 1998
Theme: Defining, Healing, Transforming, and Enriching Ourselves.
Deadline: June 15th for Queries, June 30th for Submissions

December 1998
Theme: Ourselves in History, Traditions and Mythology.
Deadlines:  September 15th for Queries, September 30th for Submissions.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!  For further
information about themes, deadlines and guidelines please visit us at our
Submissions Guidelines page at:

Bree Nodwell
Administrative Manager
Moondance:Celebrating Creative Women

Call for participation

Do you want to take part in building a VRML multi-user world?  We are
looking for between 10 and 15 people from any art and design discipline
with a reasonable level of computing skills and a desire to explore 3D
social environments on the internet, to do just that.

Building Babel 2 is a 3 day workshop experience with practical and taught
elements. The participants will work together in a shared physical and
virtual space to create a VRML multi-user world and will display their
process live online. Instruction will be available in such topics as VRML
scripting and the use of sound, images, animation and geometry in
multi-user environments.

The event will take place at Coventry University from the 15th till the
18th of September.  You will have to cover your own travel costs but there
will be no registration fee and accommodation will be provided.

Entry requirements

1) You must be able to work well with others and be prepared to help, be
helped and share ideas.
2) You must be a member of staff or a registered student within a UK
educational establishment.
3) You must already understand the basic principles of VRML  (or find out
about them before the workshop). In addition you should have a skill to
offer, such as 3D computer modelling, video and image editing or
4)You must submit a proposal based on the brief below.

The brief

Design virtual a space where people will want to be together and remember.

*It has got to be open so that it can relate and be connected to what other
participants want to do.
*Keep it simple and within what you think you could achieve in 3 days given
your own abilities.
*Think about real world spaces people share, what draws them together and
encourages participation.
*Think about how people communicate.
*Think about what computers do well (and what they don't do well).
*Think about what draws people together.

If you still interested in babel-2 then please put your details and your
proposal down on an A4 sheet and send them to me at.

Liam Birtles (BB2 entry)
Coventry School of Art and Design
Coventry University
Priory Street

Any queries or submissions can be mailed to: liam@vide.coventry.ac.uk
Closing Date: 31st July

Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest

This years 15th Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest will be presented 18 -
22 November 1998. The Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest is a regional
festival, which aims at providing insight into current international
documentary filming and video work. We intend to present critical,
ambitious and entertaining documentary films and videos committed to both
reports on current affairs and off-beat topics. The video section of the
Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest is also interested in experimental and
artistic videos, which reveal the use of video specific means. Apart from
the film and video programme we exhibit (media) installations and
sculptures as well. Suggestions are welcome. Deadline is the 1st of
September 1998. The contributions shall be productions from 1997 or 1998.

Contact us for entry forms:
	fax: ++49-561-7076441
mail:	Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest
	Filmladen Kassel e.V.
	Goethestr. 31
	34119 Kassel

Please visit our web-site for further information:
There you can also download an entry form as a AcrobatReader-3.0-File.

Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest
Wieland Hoehne
Gerhard Wissner
phone: ++49-(0)561-7076421
fax:	++49-(0)561-7076441

Queer Arts Resource juried international Net Art exhibition.  Open to queer
artists with Internet-based work.  Jurors: Aaron Betsky, Curator of
Architecture and Design, SFMoMA, Shu Lea Cheang, installation
artist/filmmaker/cyber homesteader, Amsterdam, Alex Galloway, Rhizome
Communications, New York, Rachel Greene, Rhizome Communications, New York,
Ed Gilbert, Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, Robert Atkins,
author/critic, New York.
Exhibition: September 1998 online at http://www.queer-arts.org.
No entry fee.  For prospectus e-mail: curators@queer-arts.org.
Deadline July 15.

The Multimedia Institute at The Banff Centre for the Arts Presents
Play to Win! Developing Interactive Games Networked, Platform, CD-ROM, DVD
A Workshop: August 26 - 29, 1998

Ideal for visual artists, musicians, writers, designers, directors,
multimedia producers and media producers. Learn from the experts how to
design, develop and pitch computer games. Explore games theory, the
development and production process, present and future markets, and
financing and pitching models. An absolute must-do workshop with leading

Featured presenters: Designer and Animator of Mario is Missing, Ian
Verchere, Creative Director, Radical Entertainment, Director of the Sega
game Beavis and Butt-head; and Designer and Director of The Divide * Celia
Pearce, President and Creative Director of Momentum Media Group, Author of
The Interactive Book and Creative Director of Interactive Entertainment.

To register contact:
Office of the Registrar
(tel.) 1-800-565-9989, (fax) 403-762-6345
(Email) Arts_info@banffcentre.ab.ca
Visit our website at http://mmi.banff.org

'First European Seminar for Artist Run Spaces'

The primary aim for the 'First European Seminar for Artist Run Spaces' is
to create an opportunity for representatives from selected Artist Run
Spaces in Europe, to meet, exchange ideas and discuss experiences
pertaining to the specific activities/exhibitions/aims of their individual
art spaces.

Artist Run Spaces provide and have historically provided an important
contribution to European art life. Many contemporary Artist Run Spaces have
arisen out of a perceived lack of influence, autonomy and space accorded to
artists and their work within the art world. Artist Run Spaces, through
their non-commercial nature, as well as their firm grounding in the
experiences, needs and visions of artists, offer alternatives, and create
opportunities for art outside of the established realm of commercial
galleries, institutions and museums. These efforts are of great importance
for the vitality and diversity of contemporary visual arts.

Another aim of the proposed seminar is to create a permanent network
between Artist Run Spaces in Europe. Ultimately, the establishment of such
a network would enable the individual efforts of each Artist Run Space to
reach a larger audience as well as have a greater impact on art life in
general. The existence of a network would also facilitate and encourage
other spaces and organisations to join.

As Artist Run Spaces are non-profit organisations, they often operate on
minute budgets. This has made it difficult for the artists that run these
venues to meet and share ideas about each others work, and the role their
venues play in society and art life. It is this situation which provides
the background for our efforts to create the opportunity for a 'First
European Seminar for Artist Run Spaces'. We believe that the opportunity,
which this seminar would provide, would greatly empower and strengthen the
ties between the participating artist spaces and their work.

In order to aid the establishment of a permanent network between Artist Run
Spaces, Konstakuten and Swede will initiate a quarterly Newsletter. The
first issue of this Newsletter will introduce the participants of the
seminar and their work. It will also cover the events and topics of the
seminar. The participants of the 'First Seminar' will form the initial
members of the Newsletter. The idea is that the Newsletter will act as a
sort of backbone, or common meeting ground for Artist Run Spaces. It will
provide a forum for the members (and others) to share information and keep
up to date about one another's activities. It will preview events taking
place in the members spaces as well as other activities of interest. The
Newsletter is intended to be very simple in layout and print, to help keep
production costs at a minimum.

Topics for the seminar:
The seminar will be grouped around four main topics of discussion. The
first part of the seminar, will offer each participant the opportunity to
introduce themselves and the activities and aims of the venue they
represent. Since the activities and programmes of Artist Run Spaces differ
greatly from one another, special attention will be given to the
participating galleries whose activities clearly differ from one another.
This will give opportunity to share experiences and to broaden and improve
the individual venues activities. Special emphasis will also be given to
what role the Artist Run Space plays in their local context what the aim of
the individual space is. The second part will be dedicated to funding. How
Artist Run Spaces fund their activities is a central question in many
respects. Apart from a general discussion on the topic and its political
implications, funding bodies will be invited to tell how they operate and
how they look upon Artist Run Spaces' activities. A professional fundraiser
will also be invited to give a talk on fundraising. The third part is
dedicated to the history of Artist Run Spaces. This part will involve talks
by artists who have run spaces over a long period of time or ran spaces in
the sixties and seventies. Scholars who do research on previous art
movements that are relevant to the discussion will also be invited to give
talks. The fourth and last section is about the future and will address how
we look on the future and what role Artists Run Spaces can play in the
future. This also gives us a natural opportunity to address how we want to
set up a network and a possible second seminar.

Location and events:
The seminar will be held in central Stockholm in May 1999. In connection to
the seminar a public panel discussion will take place. During the seminar
special exhibitions will be held at Konstakuten and at Ynglingagatan 1,2,3.

Terms of participation
A small registration fee will be charged from all participants. This fee
will help cover administration costs. Travel and accommodation fees for
participants, will be covered by Konstakuten and Swede, as organisers of
the seminar. This however requires an active participation from the
participating galleries to help raise funds towards costs for registration
fee, travel and accommodation from their home countries.

Participating Galleries:

Konstakuten, Stockholm, Sweden
Ynglingagatan 1,2,3,, Stockholm, Sweden      	Contact: Carina Gunnars
Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden               	Contact: Gunilla Hansson
The Pineapple Project Room, Malmö, Sweden	Contact: Torbjörn Limé
Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria		Contact: Klaus Pamminger
City Racing, London, England		Contact: John Burgess
Annexed, London, England			Contact: Jonathan Hatt
Cubitt, London, England			Contact: Stefan Kalmar
Locus+, Newcastle, England			Contact: Jon Bewley
Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland	Contact: Ewan Imrie
Otto, Copenhagen, Denmark			Contact: Sofi Thorson
G.U.N, Oslo, Norway 			Contact: Thomas Kvam
Kabelfabriken, Helsinki, Finland		Contact: Päivi Björkenheim
Gallery Wyspa, Gdansk, Poland		Contact: Agniezska Wolodzko
Escale, Düsseldorf, Germany			Contact: Bernd Halbherr
Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 		Contact: Liina Siib
Duende, Rotterdam, Holland			Contact: Liesbeth Bik
W 139, Amsterdam, Holland			Contact: Ad de Jong
Gúlp Gallerí, Reykjavik, Iceland		Contact: Særún Stefánsdóttir
Refractario, Madrid, Spain			Contact: Carlos Garcia-Alix
Zé dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal		Contact: Francisca and Natxo
Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland		Contact: Niamh O'Mally
Spider Mouse Gallery, Moscow, Russia 	Contact: Marina Perchikhina
Moving Art Studio, Brussels, Belgium		Contact: Jens-Ingo Brodesser
Studio, Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 		Contact:
Forde, Geneva, Switzerland			Contact:
Glassbox, Paris, France			Contact:

Contacts are being made in Italy, Rumania, and Latvia

EU-Commision, Brussels, Nordiskt Ministerråd, Copenhagen, Denmark, Svenska
Institutet, Stockholm, Kultur Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, NKKK, Helsinki,
Finland, Akademien För De Fria Konsterna, Stockholm, Sweden Föreningen
Norden, Stockholm, Sweden Europeiska kulturkommiten, Stockholm, Oslo,
Helsinki etc. Local embassies and consulates

Interactive Screen 19.98

July 29 - August 8 * Tuition: $1,000

An inspiring,  leading-edge think tank for writers, directors, producers,
multimedia makers, artists, designer, composers and authors. Eleven days of
stimulating quality interactive media development.

Learn how to develop ideas for networked environments, virtual worlds and
CD ROM.  Find out more about writing, directing, visual design, producing,
pitching, financing, law and distribution opportunities.  Pitch your
projects to entertainment and new media visionaries.

Senior artist presenters include: Heath Bunting, Banff Biotech Studios
Canada * Keith Clarkson, Account Manager, Digital Renaissance, Canada *
Michael Coulson, Creative Director Real World, UK * Joanne Fraser, Managing
Director and Senior Advisor, Viacom Canada * Douglas Gayeton, Creative
Director & Interactive Designer, Vanishing Point, Einstein's Dreams,
Neurostatica, USA  * Isabel  Hoffman, President, Hoffman + Associates,
Canada * Ash Gillard, Director of Interface Net Radio, London, UK * Artur
Matuck, School of Communications and Arts, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
* Janet H. Murray, Senior Research Scientist, MIT, USA * William Powell,
Market Development Manager, Entertainment and New Media, Apple Canada *
Jane Prophet, Digital Artist, UK * Dewey Reid, Creative Director, Microsoft
Network * Ellie Rubin, President, The Bulldog Group * John Sanborn, LaFong,
USA * Neil Seiling, Executive Producer, Alive TV, USA  * Aleen Stein,
President & CEO, Organa L.C.C., USA * Bob Stein, Night Kitchen Inc., USA *
Walter Stewart, Market Development Manager - Education, Silicon Graphics
Inc., Canada * Drew Takahashi, President, Chairman and Chief Creative
Officer, Colossal Pictures, USA * Joyce Wayne, Coordinator Journalism
Program, Sheridan College, Canada * Femke Wolting, Exploding Cinema,
Denmark * Kathleen S. Wilson, VP Creative Director. Viacom Interactive
Services, USA * John Wyver, Chairman Illuminations Television, UK * Bell
Canada * Telus Multimedia

To register contact:
The Banff Centre - Office of the Registrar
Phone: 1-800-565-9989
Fax: (403) 762-6345
E-mail: arts_info@banffcentre.ab.ca
Website: www.banff.org

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this Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

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Internationales, ANAT, FACT, Leonardo, SAT, McGill University, Universite
du Quebec a Montreal.
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