Sept 2020
Yoshiyuki Abe   阿部好志

Escalofrío 2 (2016)

        Abe was inspired by the music of Czerniawski and programmed this image generation software.
       Sound based on tonal noise music conception which I've been working at for more than 30 years. Tonal noises, scratches came from the silence and go to the silence are the main sound sources for the composition. (Czerniawski)
       Image is conscious of the sound's radical behavior and rhythmic trip. The fringe patterns are from the light sources moving and changing attributes in the 3D space. Without modelling, the comuting system generates pixel data directly and the algorithm works for making them up rationale. This is important element for producing abstract images which should appeal to the senses directly, not through the geometric figures. (Abe)

[ escalofrío  n.(Spanish) chill,shiver ]

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Escalofrío 2       480x270   10m14s
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sound:    Igor  Czerniawski

(c) Yoshiyuki Abe 阿部好志